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Whether you’re new to riding, or looking to improve your skills, taking Victoria motorcycle lessons with IslandRider is a great way to get started!

WIth Island Rider, you get small group lessons and individual instruction. We have found that our instructors can offer more personalized instruction when teaching smaller groups. We offer private lessons on the street, and small group lessons (maximum 5 riders) in the parking lot.

Island Rider Motorcycle Training Victoria

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ICBC Motorcycle Road Test Training

ICBC road test training is available near the Mackenzie ICBC testing center in Saanich. All road test training is 1 to 1 instruction. John has taught over 2,500 riders, ranging from absolute beginners, to expert riders. John specializes in teaching the skills and habits required for safe riding and for passing the ICBC motorcycle road test. Learn More or Book Your Road Test Lesson Now.

For the road test lessons, we follow you on a motorcycle so that we can demonstrate the correct habits, and the entire lesson is recorded on video, so that you can continue to learn and practice on your own after the lesson is over.

MST Training – Motorcycle Skills Test

If you have riding experience from another country, or have been riding dirt bikes for a while and want to challenge the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test on your own, rather than taking a novice ‘Learn-to-Ride’ course, you can learn the rules of the test and practice on a measured MST course with coaching from an ICBC Certified Motorcycle Skills Assessment Officer.

Complete Courses. We stay with you every step of the way.

For new riders, we offer a complete course that takes you from learning the fundamentals of riding, to becoming a fully licensed motorcycle rider. Many of our students have completed their testing and received an unrestricted license without purchasing their own motorcycle.

Island Rider Motorcycle Training

The complete course includes a 4 hour classroom session on the strategies of safe riding, followed by 13 hours of skills development in a closed parking lot (maximum 5 riders) . Then, we will lead you into traffic and get you comfortable riding on city streets with a 3 hour traffic class. An additional 4 hours of flex time can be used to rent one of our motorcycles, or take additional traffic/street classes or join one of our advanced riding clinics. Prior to your road test, we will take you out for 2 private road test lessons on the streets of Victoria.

For riders who already have a license and want to increase their skills and road safety, we have two options. Skills training in the parking lot (police style motorcycle drills) and traffic classes (strategies for safe urban riding). Our lessons are focused on traffic safety and the required skills. We do not offer track lessons, but will be happy to refer you to someone in your area who does.

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Getting your class 6 motorcycle license starts with booking your knowledge test.

Next is the motorcycle skills test.

Final Step is the road test.

IslandRider is here to help with the second and third step. Be sure to get your motorcycle learners license (class 6 or 8) prior to signing up for a course.

Motorcycle lessons to prepare for the ICBC MST

Before booking your knowledge test, be sure to read the Learn to Ride Smart guide offered in print version from any ICBC office (ICBC Saanich | Downtown Victoria | ICBC Langford) or download the free PDF version here.

International Riders

If you have riding experience from another country and need to complete the licensing process here in BC, it isn’t necessary to take a complete course. We offer expert training on the skills needed to pass the MST (Motorcycle Skills Test). All MST training is conducted by ICBC certified Motorcycle Skills Assessment Officers. The MST package includes 2 hours of training on an MST course, followed by delivery of a suitable motorcycle to ICBC for your MST.

ICBC Motorcycle Road Test

The Motorcycle Road Test is about good riding habits. It isn’t enough just to be able to ride a motorcycle. To pass the road test, you must display good habits; stopping before all stop lines, scanning intersections, consistent shoulder checks. We offer a two lesson road test package including a video of your first lesson, and rental of a school bike for your road test.

Ready to take motorcycle lessons in Victoria? Book your road test lessons now, or check back on January 15th to book your complete motorcycle Learn-to-Ride course!

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IslandRider Motorcycle Training is a motorcycle training program on Vancouver Island by Urban Rider Motorcycle School Ltd. Urban Rider is a motorcycle driver training school licensed through ICBC with a corporate address of 2840 Sooke Lake Rd. Langford, BC V9B 4R3.